Nassfeld & Carnic Alps


2.240 m

The Rosskofel is our local mountain, so to speak, and its interesting northern flank stretches almost along the entire ski area. From here everything is easy to reach, steep flanks, wide open slopes as well as the one or another gully. Most of our tours start or end here, as this is where the best northbound descent leads back to the ski area!

Rio Secco

2.203 m

The Rio Secco is slightly hidden behind the Rosskofel and offers a variety of interesting descents in the southeast, southwest, northeast, and northwest directions. It is also possible to ski back down from it to the ski area, so it is also one of our most versatile peaks.

Monte Zermula

2.143 m

Monte Zermula is our insider tip for true freeride aces. With a wide-ranging steep start, it makes our hearts beat faster and if you don't feel the flow feeling in the slightly inclined run-out of the mountain, you will surely have to fly up again immediately! The main flank of the mountain points to the north, up to 50 degrees steep terrain and wide-open terrain invite to versatile and challenging downhill variations!

Monte Pizzul

1.985 M

Monte Pizzul is our top summit for sporty descents in any direction, a "must ride" for true freeride aces. With a steep start, it makes our hearts beat faster, and in the long run out of the mountain into the forest, everyone will feel the flow!

Monte Di Val Dolce

1.875 M

The Monte Di Val Dolce is our gusto piece for the extra kick, sporty descents in every direction, from steep to gentle - everything you want. Due to its proximity to the main tours, it is often booked as an extra bonus flight to extend the heliski day. 


1.832 m

The Krone is the perfect mountain for freeride beginners and those who want to enjoy an easy freeride descent in addition to the flying experience.

Creata di Lanza

2.067 M

Creata di Lanza is the perfect mountain for extensive leisurely descents, from experienced free riders to beginners, everyone will get their money's worth here. A good complement for beginners who want more. Its proximity to Pizzul and Monte Zermula allow more flights and interesting insights on possible descents. A fun mountain in the middle of our flight routes!



and many more secret spots! 😉